Management Access: A Surprising Bright Spot for Investors During Pandemic

How Could an Unprecedented Hurricane Season Affect Insurance Stocks?

Update on Inflation and U.S. Interest Rate Policy

Meet the Team | Steve Labbe, CFA

Playing the Recession Playbook in Defense, Part 2

Playing the Recession Playbook in Defense, Part 1

A Wild Second Quarter & Outlook for Remainder of 2020

Pandemic Continues to Differentiate Restaurant Business Models

Growth Stocks: Widest Valuation Gap in 20 Years

Our 3 Most Popular Blogs of 2020

[PODCAST] Entrepreneurship, Firm Culture and a Winning Team with John Gillespie

Prospector’s Concentration in Financials

[PODCAST] John Gillespie on the Prospector Investment Approach

Is Value Investing Dead? A Cyclical Analysis

Are Market Cap-Weighted Indices Reflective of the Economy?

The Outlook for Financial Services Stocks

Short Interest: A Contrarian Indicator?

Dissecting Q1 2020 Market Performance by Size, Sector and Factor

QE Infinity, Inflation and Opportunities

Explaining Prospector’s Approach to Downside Risk Mitigation

Podcast #1 – The Prospector Story with John Gillespie

The Potential for a Return of Inflation, Part 2

The Potential for a Return of Inflation

Rising Corporate Debt: Could CLOs Pose a Danger?

Investors’ Focus on Downside Risk as Relevant as Ever

Cash on the Sidelines Reaches Highest Levels Since 2008

Benchmark Agnostic in an Era of Index Mania

How M&A Can Impact Investors in Economic Slowdowns

Top 3 Blog Posts 2019

Thoughts on Risk Management and a Strong Sell Discipline

The Problem with High Dividend ETFs

[MARKET UPDATE] Rising Premiums for Property-Casualty Insurers

The Repo Market: Why Investors Should be Concerned

Leverage Cycles, Banks and Our Outlook for the Remainder of 2019

A Discussion of the U.S. Debt Situation: Consumer and Government Debt

A Discussion of the U.S. Debt Situation: Corporate Debt

Statutory Data: A Trove of Valuable Bank Information

Reflections from Working at a Large Fund Complex

Investing in Convertible Bonds with Attractive Risk/Reward Characteristics

The Many Benefits of Analyzing Non-GAAP Data, Part 3 of 3

The Many Benefits of Analyzing Non-GAAP Data, Part 2 of 3

The Many Benefits of Analyzing Non-GAAP Data, Part 1 of 3

Why Invest in a Shrinking Financial Sector?

Is Firm Culture Important? Why Do We Invest Along Shareholders?

Did You Know FAANG + Microsoft = Nearly 20% of the S&P 500 Index?

Free Cash Flow Yield Analysis: Mitigating Downside Risk

Value Investing with a Private Market Value Approach, pt 2

Value Investing with a Private Market Value Approach, pt 1

Asset Allocation Considerations for Today’s Market

How Can Bottom-Up Investors Use Quantitative Tools for Idea Generation?

How Mentors like Jack Byrne Helped Shape Our Investment Process

Meet the Team | Jason Kish CPA, CFA

Top 3 Blog Posts

How Do We Think About Risk? How Do We Attempt to Control Risk?

What Does it Mean to Look at Value Investing from a Credit Perspective?

Meet the Team | Kevin O’Brien, CFA

Is It Important to Meet with Management Teams Before Investing?

Balance Sheet Detectives - How We Analyze Bank Stocks

Balance Sheet Detectives - How We Analyze Insurance Companies

Why Balance Sheets Over Income Statements

Meet the Team | John Gillespie

Why Focus on Downside Risk?

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